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 Rules of the forum and clan HzD

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Rules of the forum and clan HzD Empty
PostSubject: Rules of the forum and clan HzD   Rules of the forum and clan HzD EmptyThu Jan 28, 2010 4:06 pm

Welcome to the HzD forum. You are welcome to post at any time, and we encourage you to do so and become a part of the community.. but as with all walks of life, there a few rules you must follow first:

- Search before you ask anything, some questions have been asked before.

- Open a new post in the right section.

- Don't spam. It is not allowed.

- Don't discriminate the other players.

- No flaming.

- Please don't use huge images in avatars or signatures.

- The official language of this server is English. But if you want to speak in other language post a translation too.

- Make sure your code works before posting.

- Post in the correct secction. For example images in images section.

- If someone posts a post you think is bad in some way report it and do not reply.

[HzD]Zero welcomes you.
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Rules of the forum and clan HzD
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