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 How to be a HzD?

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How to be a HzD? Empty
PostSubject: How to be a HzD?   How to be a HzD? EmptyThu Jan 28, 2010 4:31 pm

If you want to enter in the HzD clan post here looking in this format so you might find a clan that you need.
samp required. As it is free theres no problem getting it.

Ingame Name:
Name you will wear if you are accepted:
Contact email:
Previous clans:
How active per day can you be:
Games you play:
Gaming Skills (Rate 0-10):
Media Editing skills (Photoshop, Vegas):
Score :
Extra info:

For samp
How long you've been playing sa-mp:
Playing style(rpg,stunt,dm...):
Do you know any weapons bug? (if so tell what bugs):
Contribution to the clan :

If you are selected you will receive an email or we will make a reponse to your post and then you will pass a test to prove you. Then you can wear our tag.

To add the tag is easy:

When you are accepted you have to put your name as follows: [HZD]Name or [HZD]Newname but not (HZD) Name, HzD_Name, Name [HZD] ...
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How to be a HzD?
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